Do you want to learn the rules of Teen Patti or pick up some strategies to improve your skills? Look no further! We can tell you everything you need to know about this fun gambling game. In this article, we’ll cover how to set up a Teen Patti game, go over the basic rules, and share a few pointers that will give you an edge over your opponents. Keep reading to learn more!

How to Play Teen Patti with 3 Patti Terminologies to Consider

Steps to play Teen Patti

Select a dealer

Draw cards to select who begins dealing. Highest drawn card gets the honor. Each game round players will take turns being the dealer as this will shift in a clockwise manner.

Place an ante

An ante is collected from each player to form an initial pot that players will fight over. This ante sets the level of the game as every game round is capped to a pot equal to 1024 times the ante (unless played without a limit).

Receive your card 

The dealer of the game deals three cards face-down to himself and each player in a clockwise manner.

Start acting with the first player

The player sitting on the left-hand side of the dealer will start acting. He can choose to play blind (without seeing his cards) or seen (with his cards seen). If he plays blind he can fold, call the ante or raise to double it. If he plays “seen” he can fold, “call” double the ante or raise to quadruple it. Whatever bet he decides to make, this will be known as a stake.

Continue acting

Moving in a clockwise manner, each player will have the option of folding, calling or raising as a blind or seen player. How much a player can bet depends on the current stake set by the previous player and if the current player is blind or seen. 

If blind it’s either 1x or 2x the stake and if seen either 2x or 4x the stake. If the player who previously acted is seen, what is considered the stake will always be half as much as what the stake is considered to be from a previously acting player who is blind.

Request a side-show

Whenever a seen player is acting after another seen player and there are at least three players left in the game, the acting player can request a side-show with the previously acting player. The asked player can either accept or deny the request. If he accepts, both players will secretly show each other’s cards. The player with the worst hand ranking will then be eliminated while the game continues. Hand rankings are as follows:

  • Best hand: Trail / Set / Trio

Three similar cards regardless of color or suit (for instance, A-A-A or 9-9-9 of a diamond, heart and spade)

  • Second best hand: Pure Sequence / Straight Flush

Three consecutive cards of the same suit and color (for instance, A-2-3 of hearts or K-Q-J of clubs)

  • Third best hand: Sequence / Run / Straight

Three consecutive cards of different suits (for instance, A-2-3 or K-Q-J of a spade, heart, and diamond)

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  • Fourth best hand: Color / Flush

Three cards of the same suit and color, but not in a sequence (for instance, A-K-K of hearts or 9-4-3 of spades)

  • Fifth best hand: Pair. 

Two cards of the same rank regardless of color or suit (for instance A-A-9 or 5-5-J)

  • Worst hand: High Card. 

Three cards that are not in a sequence, of the same value or the same suit (for instance, A-9-4 with two diamonds and one spade)

Demand a showdown

Whenever players have folded or side-shows have occurred to leave only two players left in the game, one of the players can demand a final showdown. The player who doesn’t demand it must either fold or call. If he calls, the two players will show their cards and the one with the highest hand ranking will win the entire pot.

Enter an alternative showdown

When played as a pot-limited game, an alternative showdown can occur once a pot-limit has been reached. For instance, if the pot limit is set to 1024x the initial ante, all players will be forced to show their cards when the pot has reached this amount.

Terminologies in Teen Patti Game

Here are 15 Teen Patti terminologies you should know : 


This is also called boot. It is the amount of money the players need to wager before the cards are dealt


When you play Chaal in Teen Patti, you see your cards before placing the next bet. You will have to bet at least twice the current ante.


Playing blind means making the next bet without looking at your cards. You can become a Chaal player at any time but then will have to follow the Chaal rules.


This is where the bets are placed. It is the collection of the total wagers.


When you think your card-hand isn’t good enough, you fold or pack. That is, you decide to quit the game.



When you raise, you increase the bet amount to a maximum of 2x the previous player’s bet (if you play blind. If you play chaal you can raise 4x the previous player’s bet. 


This is placing an equal amount to the previous players’ bet.


This happens at the end of the game when two players are left. Both of them will have to reveal their cards so that the winner can be chosen.


Two Chaal players can at any time compare their cards. The player with the worst hand must fold. 

Fixed limit

Playing Teen Patti with a fixed limit means you cannot bet more than double of the last bet.

Spread limit

You cannot raise your bet beyond an agreed amount, regardless of what the previous bet was.


These are optional bets made in the game. A player can choose not to place a side bet but will also not be able to benefit from it.


This occurs when a player joins an Andar Bahar game again after taking a break. The player has to pay the amount of ante paid during the time he was absent.


This is a set of three cards all of the same value. This is the best hand you can have in Teen Patti. 

Pure Sequence

A set of three consecutive cards of different suits.